Thursday, February 09, 2012

Straight to inking

I guess Bá and I weren't the only ones impressed by the link to a 26 page story done in ONE day by this incredible french artist called Boulet. You can check out the story clicking here. It's a funny and nice story on its own, but to think it was done in 26 hours is insane. It's one page per hour.
Poking around the web, I found some videos of the guy drawing, and discovered that he doesn't pencil his pages, going straight to inking. Check it out.
Bá and I got all kinds of excited about this and, during some coffee breaks, we tried out hand at drawing straight with pens. Bá's version in the one with blue pen, mine is the other one, in black.
na Caneta
"Drawing straight with a pen is EASY" is what Bá is saying to me on his drawing.
I don't know if it's easy.
But it sure is fun.


Mathieu Doublet said...

very nice especially the gray tones. They're made with a pen, too ?

-R said...

If I had to guess, Fabio, I couldn't tell that yours was done directly with pen. I like doing it, there's a little freedom in doing it that way, don't you think?

Unknown said...

Wish I could draw in pen... Awesome job.