Monday, April 25, 2011

Slim and shorty

cyclops and wolverine
Slim and shorty.
That's how I think about Cyclops and Wolverine. Maybe over the year Cyclops might have gotten a little stronger, it's possible, but Wolverine should have stayed short. Adamantiun bones don't stretch.


Mathieu Doublet said...

Excellent ! :)

Ben Kulp said...


Erik Robinson said...

Your Cyclops is amazing! The way you draw him adds a whole new, exciting aspect of the character! If more super hero books were drawn like this, the public would be fighting to be first in the door.

Rico said...

Wolvie quit smoking?... that'll be the day.

Anthony Holden said...

This is awesome.

Gladney said...

Very great! I agree, Wolverine seemed more of a loose cannon when he was shorter. Plus the cigar. We have Joe Q to be angry at for stopping that :(

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Elton Dias said...

Teu trabalho é muitoooo legal cara, realmente um vc faz arte nos quadrinhos.