Wednesday, January 19, 2011


18 jan 2011
When you're writing a script, it seems you only read and write all day long. And, after you had spent so much of your time over the past few years drawing page after page in a frenetic pace, this new routine appears to me to be a deceivingly easy. Writing is not easy at all, and when you have to read for research, it's not as relaxing as reading for fun, but just the lack of drawing makes me feel I'm not working.
It's a silly thought.
A recurrent silly thought.
A daily one.
Back to work.
Or back to reading and writing.

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Chelsey said...

It's beautiful. And I'm starting to know how you feel. You guys have inspired me to create my own comic. And although it's still in it's rough, beginning stages; I'm starting to understand the monotonous process of research. Haha, thanks.