Sunday, February 07, 2010

Alter Ego on the 10th

This wednesday, we'll be on the Alter Ego Comic Cast talking about our past and present work, focusing maybe on Daytripper since it's the same day issue 3 hits the stands. We talked to the Alter Ego folks last thursday, it was a night of heavy raining here in São Paulo, and just until half hour prior to recording the podcast, we had no internet at the studio and we kept wondering if we should go home and do it there. Little did we know that at home, because of the rain, the entire neighborhood was powerless, enjoying a blackout. The internet came back as we were packing to leave the studio, so everything worked out fine.


mick statham said...

hey guys, loving the Daytripper. Great book.

Jesse Acosta said...

I am reading every issue of this great new mini series and recommending it to everyone I know! I really enjoyed the podcast interview as well!