Monday, February 23, 2009

Umbrella Academy: DALLAS #4!

There's a preview of the fourth issue of Umbrella Academy: Dallas at the Comic Book Resources. You can check it out clicking HERE.
Below is the cover (DUH!).

Umbrella Academy 4 - cover

Bá is making the best pages of his life and he's just begun drawing the last issue (as well as BPRD:1947 and God knows what else).

We've been very busy and very late here, but things have never seen better. We look ahead and I gotta say this: Looks good.


BrikHed said...

your link takes you to Flicker instead of CBR but I found the preview and am VERY excited... looks great

Fabio Moon said...

Thanks for the note. Link's correct now.

Nicolas said...

would you guys mind giving a word about how you see this recession thing? there are blogs and columns saying things like "comics are dead", or that monthlies will stop existing giving place to OGNs...being 2 very active creators during these harsh times, maybe you could know something better than us, because there are people afraid that the medium might die....I think it´s overreacting, but still is useful to know the point of view from people that work at the industry.

oh, and wonderful work btw...I´m following UA and I´m waiting anxious for BPRD to come out. Congratulations, you are the inspiration everyone needs.