Tuesday, October 07, 2008

our iGoogle

Here's a video about our iGoogle theme. Also featuring another Brazilian artist's theme, Gustavo Rosa.

Google has invited artists of all mediums to collaborate with them and we were pleased to be part of such a cool pack.


Mr. Blue said...

I didn't get everything you say but kudos for you guys!
Greetings from Mexico City.

Kimberly said...

Yeah, I didn't get everything, either...but I just wanted to say it perks my day up to see the changes when I'm working...especially sunset. Thanks guys!

wishingicouldfly said...

i love your themes.

Adam said...

Muito legal o que voces estão fazendo, eu vou escrever sobre voces no meu site em ingles sobre a cultura brasileira. Quando fizer, os avisarei.


Very cool what you guys are doing, in fact I'm going to write about you on my Brazilian cultural site. When its done, I'll let you know!


Adam said...
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Adam said...

já fiz, rapadinho assim, rs. Pode conferir no link que segue abaixo. parabens