Monday, May 12, 2008

Casanova is now.

this was the first drawing of Casanova I did when we decided I was going to draw the second album.

Check out a preview of Casanova 14. This is the issue I'm most proud of, the end of the second album, the "go out with a bang" issue, the farewell, the issue to answer your questions.

I was drawing the last pages of issue 9, and reading the first pages of issue 10, and I asked Matt "is this what I think it is?" and he, in his "I'm the writer and I know stuff before any of you" pose, said "yes, but don't tell anyone".

Bá learned a lot working on Casanova, and so did I. This was never an easy comic to draw, and I tried to make it look simple (to do) and complex and rich as a world.

This was the second drawing, two days later, when I think I got it right.


Felipe Duarte said...

got it right no segundo? tá de sacanagem, o primeiro é um dos melhores pin ups que eu já ví. Ele me lembrou o mick jagger.

palmas pra vocês ae... tão no meu google hahaha

bala said...
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bala said...

I think that the pictures are so nice and the drawing is good for a comic, It remember me when I had beeb drawing a comic called sildenafil and all muy friend bought my comic in $.90

janice-morris said...

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