Thursday, November 24, 2005

The real Kelsie.

This is Kelsie, the lovely character of ROCK'n'ROLL, the one-shot coming out this month by Image Comics.

I created Kelsie in 1997. She was an homage to a Kelsie I knew that year who was the kid sister of a friend of mine, about 10 years old at the time. She lived in a very small town in Minnesota called La Crescent, just across the river from La Crosse (which was the nearest town with an airport). I actually created another character inspired by my friend, Annie, but in the story I told Kelsie and Annie weren't sisters at all.

As time went, we kind of lost touch, and the last I heard Annie (who was the Apple queen that year) went to college. She probably graduated already.

Now, my comic book is coming out in the United States and I remember I never told then they became characters of my stories.

Maybe I should track them down and let then know the good news.

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Matte said...

Yeah you should tell them about this, and I have a question, are the characters inspired by name or are they physically alike as well, because if that's the idea I believe i wont need Generic Cialis if i meet her, after all we are the same age. or around the same age.