Saturday, October 01, 2005


Just a quick note on how cool that Riot comic book store looks. It makes a good impression on the ladies, that's for sure. My girlfriend, and my sister, would both be vary comfortable in that store, and they would even feel inclined to look at some comics.

It's not bad either that there's a Smoke and Guns poster in there.

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Anonymous said...

In 99, S‹o Bernardo used to have a small comic shop called AEON Comics and it looked like a lot this one with the Smoke And Guns Poster, there was a comics course too, it was the early days of Impacto and I was there as one of they«re firsts students, I liked a lot those times, it was very fun to spend some precious minutes during the intermissions and take a look at those books, lots of them, even some were drawn by one of our teachers, Luke Ross, I«ll never forget that wonderful year of learning new things on comics and this picture just brought some more memories to me.

-Felipe Cunha